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The Pettibon System

Pettibon System

We were tired of doing system relief care with no proven changes to the spine and watching people come back with the same problem. We wanted a system with proven results. The Pettibon System is a state of the art chiropractic rehabilitation program for those who choose to achieve "life changing results". We are committed to providing you with the best chiropractic care to help you get more out of life. The Pettibon System is a comprehensive rehabilitation program for the spine’s hard and soft tissues. It uses x-rays for diagnosis, assessing progress, and proof of treatment effectiveness. It tests each patient’s ability to respond to care and trains patients in home care for faster correction. The Pettibon System is designed to address 3 phases of treatment.

Phase I

Acute and Relief Care

This phase of care focuses on pain relief. People usually go to a chiropractor because they are in pain. Our first objective is to reduce your symptoms. People assume if they don’t feel any pain that there is nothing wrong with them. They believe that they are healthy. However, pain is a very poor indicator of health. 90% of pain and other symptoms do not manifest until the body is in crisis mode. For example, consider high blood pressure and heart disease, there are no signs to warn you of this serious condition. If left undetected the first symptom is a heart attack or stroke. A cavity in your tooth starts out with no symptoms but if left alone it can develop into a serious problem. Your spine and nervous system are the same. Pain is usually the last thing to appear and the first thing to go away. However, there are still many underlying conditions that remain.

Phase II

Rehabilitation and Correction

The goal of this phase is for patients to achieve correction. When a patient reaches rehabilitation and correction care their symptoms will be gone or significantly reduced. This is where the body has the ability to achieve permanent changes. We will be retraining the ligaments and muscles to hold the spine in place. This will be achieved with in-office rehab, home care procedures and chiropractic adjustments. Rehabilitation continues until correction goals are met.

Phase III

Stabilization and Maintenance Care

The purpose of the last phase is to maintain and enhance the spinal and postural corrections that have been achieved in Phase ll. Maintenance prevents crisis. It is important to continue home rehab and receive periodic adjustments to avoid the same condition that brought you into our office. Chiropractic maintenance is key. For example, when you achieve your exercise and weight loss goals you don’t just stop your routine and return to your old habits. This is the same concept for chiropractic care. It is a life style change.

First-Hand Experiences

“I was in an auto accident and my neck was quite tweaked post accident. I just happened upon UHC and I couldnt be happier. Not only are my symptoms subsiding but they have been very helpful with the process of billing through the auto insurance. I have been to numerous chiropractors since childhood and never have I come across one so thorough and professional. Jason and his staff help with every concern I have. And I should also mention how great the Pettibon System has been in my rehab and I will continue to do all necessary rehab at home with my new Pettibon kit! I would like to make a special mention about the sheer friendliness of the staff. They are very welcoming and extremely helpful in my care as well. I can always expect a smile when I walk in that door. I would recommend these guys even to my grandmother as I trust even my closest loved ones in their care.”   - A Google User

“Strongly recommend Ultimate Health Chiropractic. All the doctors do a great job with my treatment. I first came with some acute neck pain that was reminiscent of some chronic neck and back pain I'd had in earlier years. I am also incredibly sensitive to standing for long periods of time, so I suspected I had postural issues. They took a very thorough approach of assessing my needs, using X-rays and other monitors that look at posture, electronic flow of energy, standing and walking assessments, etc. In addition to the sorts of chiropractic adjustments that I'm familiar with, they also developed an extensive physical therapy regimen for me -- many of the exercises I do at home and many I complete at their office. I enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the office. After only 3 months, I have experienced significant relief from my pain, and more importantly I am following a physical therapy regimen that I can do for life to help me maintain a pain-free healthy posture and well-toned muscles. The regimen recommended at the beginning is more intense than the maintenance regimen. Ultimate Health Chiropractic employs the Pettibon System approach and it impresses me that it is a whole-body healthy system. I highly recommend the practice!”   - Sara K.

“I have suffered with chronic cervical neck pain for 20 years. I've seen numerous chiropractors, PT's MT's, and many other forms of treatment. Dr Leavitt and staff have shared the Pettibon system of treatment to help promote healing and restore motion in my neck and back. The use of a Cervical Decompression machine has also provided a form of therapy found in only a very-few chiropractic offices. Great treatment with Great Results.”   - MIKE M.

“I met the doctors from Ultimate Health Chiropractic at a company wellness fair, after briefly discussing my condition (I was in a car accident) I made an appointment to see what they could do for my pain, the treatment I received was GREAT, over time I began to feel better, my ability to do more of my regular routine increased to the point that I have very little pain in my life. The pettibon system is wonderful and goes beyond the traditional “adjustment” and I am soooo grateful for the treatment I have received …thank you!!!”   - A Google User

*Most insurance plans accepted.